Aaron Hernandez removed from sticker books, replaced by Tim Tebow

aaron hernandez

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, trading card and memorabilia company Panini has pulled all of the Aaron Hernandez sticker cards from their sticker book collections.

A representative with trading card and memorabilia company Panini confirmed to ESPN.com on Thursday morning that the company painstakingly removed Hernandez stickers from 500,000 of its sticker books, which were already produced but had yet to hit the shelves.

Although the stickers come in packs, the company places 10 stickers directly into the books to get a collector started. It was purely coincidence that Hernandez was one of the 10 players chosen.

People are going to really love this.  Panini has confirmed that Tim Tebow will replace Hernandez.

The company has produced 1 million stickers of new Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow, who happened to play with Hernandez at the University of Florida, to fill the spot. The Tebow replacement stickers will be handed out at events or given to customers who received Hernandez in a pack and send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the company. The company is also allowing sticker collectors to download the Tebow sticker image from its website.

Hernandez, who has already appeared in two of Panini’s NFL card sets made for this upcoming season, also will be replaced by Tebow in future card sets.”

“We felt strongly that making these changes was the right thing to do, for Panini and our products but, more importantly, for our fans and collectors,” said Jason Howarth, Panini’s vice president of marketing.


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