Aaron Hernandez kicked out of a bar earlier this offseason (Photo)

According to TMZ, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was kicked out of a bar in California after downing a good amount of hard liquor.

Aaron Hernandez downed a ton of hard liquor, cussed out security guards … and refused to leave when they confronted him … in a Hermosa Beach, CA sports bar.
According to sources who were in Chelsea Pub & Lounge on April 19th … the then New England Patriots star was drinking double Patron Silver shots all night in between glasses of Adios Motherf**kers — a wonderful vodka, rum, tequila, and gin concoction.


We’re told Hernandez repeatedly tried to walk outside the bar WITH his drink, and didn’t understand why security wouldn’t let him — and began yelling and cursing at the bar staff.
When asked to leave … Hernandez simply sat down (pictured above) and told security he wasn’t leaving.
However, once multiple security guards surrounded him … he paid off his hefty bar tab and left peacefully.

And the stories just keep coming in.

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