Aaron Curry admits he lost motivation after earning a lot of money as a high draft pick

New York Giants linebacker Aaron Curry admitted to the Newark Star-Ledger that he lost his focus after being drafted fourth overall by the Seahawks and earning a lot of money.

“Early in my career, I was just selfish and self-centered,” Curry said. “I was more about me than I was the Seahawks at the time. I was more focused on my own desires versus the franchise and the team. It was immaturity, and I’m glad I got past that stage.”


Curry, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee last December, said he was motivated by poverty through his stellar college career at Wake Forest and once he got his contract, football was no longer a priority.


He credited Seattle LB coach Ken Norton Jr. and a return to health for helping him refocus his career. He said he picked the Giants because of their “professionalism.”

The Giants would certainly have the steal of the decade if they can tap into the talent Curry brought into the NFL.


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