Danny Amendola’s parents are suing Cowboys Stadium after golf cart accident (Video)

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According to MySanAntoinio.com, the parents of Patriots’s wide receiver Danny Amendola have filed a lawsuit against Cowboys Stadium for $1 million after a golf cart accident that occurred over a year ago.

Former Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola and his wife, Valarie, have filed a lawsuit against Cowboys Stadium seeking more than $1 million in damages for the incident which occurred after the Class 5A Division II Championship Game between Dekaney and Steele on Dec. 17, 2011.

Moments after his team beat Steele 34-14 for the state title, Amendola and several reporters, including the Express-News’ Lorne Chan, were struck by an unmanned golf cart that, video later revealed, got away after an end zone pylon fell onto the accelerator. Amendola was thrown onto the hood of the cart and carried away for several yards before rolling off the side and onto the ground.

Amendola appeared to not suffer serious injuries at the time, even cracking a joke while resuming his post-game interviews.

“Did you guys get that? Wonder what the UIL is going to do about that?” Amendola told the Express-News then.

Amendola’s lawsuit states that the incidents has caused him physical pain, “mental anguish,” “loss of earning capacity” and “loss of enjoyment.”

I’m sure Jerry Jones is just thrilled with this.