61 religous leaders sign letter encouraging the Redskins to change their name

dan snyder

According to erik Brady of USA TODAY Sports,  62 religious leaders got together to sign a letter “castigating” the Redskins name.

The letter will be sent to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and owner Daniel Snyder.

The letter, dated Dec. 5, casts the roiling national controversy over the team name as a moral issue and includes signatures of leaders from a range of faith communities including Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, United Church of Christ, AME, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim.

“The derogatory term ‘redskin’ offends many Native Americans and others in this country,” the letter says. “This word, defined in the dictionary as a slur, should not be publicly marketed and celebrated in America, which is built on the ideals of respect and inclusion.”

Rev. Graylan Hagler, who helped write the letter and recruit the signatories, said clergy who signed on agreed they would also talk about the issue from their pulpits. Hagler hopes their sermons will ignite a religiously based grassroots campaign.

“If you use that word about a group of people, you characterize them as less than human,” Hagler told USA TODAY Sports. “You have stripped them of their humanity and taken away the likeness of God that is within all of us.”

As much as Redskins owner Dan Snyder hopes and prays this issue will go away, it won’t.  As you can see,  it’s only going to get worse until he changes the name of his team.



  1. says

    hello 61 religiious leaders: Keep your theology straight and stay out of football.
    I happen to be a religiious person / Christian. I THINK the Redskins should STAY with that name because of it’s heritage in the NFL.
    Go mind your own business, urp.

  2. Anonymous says

    For the record according to my mom and dad I have a native american bloodline however that to me should not be the issue here. The fact of the matter is, everytime someone says redskins they think about native americans, good or bad. Take away the name and people will forget about the native americans. How do the religious leaders feel about taking god out of the english language? Would they not be afraid that people would forget God. They should!! It’s a team name and that’s all it is, Let It Go.

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