49ers rookie Vance McDonald sounds like the real deal

Matt Barrow of the Sacramento Bee has nothing but good things to say about 49ers rookie tight end Vance McDonald.

Vance McDonald may have been the biggest standout among the 11-man draft class. The 6-4, 270-pound tight end showed why Rice used him so heavily as a wideout. He was a favorite for all the quarterbacks this spring, and he showed a real knack for catching passes that weren’t exactly on target. McDonald has a big wingspan (34 1/2-inch arms) and a huge catching radius. He also is quite agile for his size, and on several occasions was able to twist his body and reach back for passes that were thrown behind him. Quarterbacks love to see that, and it builds confidence that he is a safe and reliable target.

It sounds like the 49ers found their replacement for Delanie Walker.  With Michael Crabtree out for possibly the entire upcoming season, the 49ers could really use some help from a player like McDonald.

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