49ers need to cut Ted Ginn Jr.


The San Francisco 49ers should cut Ted Ginn Jr., and I’ll tell you why.

The 49ers are talking about going into the season with six receivers on the roster; , Ginn, Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham, Kyle Williams and this year’s firstround draft pick A.J. Jenkins. For a team that is built around the running game and has two excellent tight ends as well as an undrafted receiver (Chris Owusu) perfect for the practice squad, this seems a little excessive.

Ginn is too injury prone and doesn’t provide enough value for the extra roster spot. Injuries forced him to miss time last season, including the fateful NFC Championship Game and now he has an ankle injury that makes it look like he will miss some time. It’s no wonder his free agency tour didn’t go well and he came back to the Niners for a low-end deal. They should never have brought him back.

Yes, Ginn’s salary cap number is very low (1.2 million dollars). Yes, he is a very good kick returner, but that seems like the only reason he is sticking on the roster. He is definitely not in the top 3 receivers for the Niners and they will want to get more reps for Jenkins as they spent a first round draft choice on him. Even Kyle Williams is arguably a better receiver than Ginn.

Who will return punts and kickoffs? Kyle Williams. I know he botched 2 punts in the NFC Championship game and was the deciding factor in the 49ers not reaching the Superbowl. Since then, he has trained relentlessly and been focused on football 100 percent. He has looked great in the preseason and would relish the opportunity to prove the critics wrong. The Niners also went out and drafted LaMichael James, who has a history of returning kicks at Oregon and has that Darren Sproles type of speed and elusiveness.

The Niners would be better off cutting him, giving the roster spot for another offensive lineman, saving the cap space to hopefully re-sign linebacker Navorro Bowman next year, and allowing Williams and James to handle kick returning duty.

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