49ers might use a three-back system in 2013

With Frank Gore turning 30 years of age today, we have to imagine that his days as an NFL are almost over.  Running backs in the NFL hit the brick wall faster than any other position and the 49ers might be looking to use a three-back system in 2013.  At least general manager Trent Baalke has hinted at it already.

“I’m a big believer — we are big believers — in a three-headed approach,” Baalke said, per CSNBayArea.com. “In other words, having a group of backs that bring to the table something a little bit different than the other one so you can do a lot of different things. But also having those backs be able to do enough things the same so you don’t become so predictable on game day.”

The 49ers have a nice stable of backs that can get the job done.  As long as Marcus Lattimore is able to recover from his knee injury, I could see him taking over for Gore in 2014.  People are going to be stunned at how quickly Gore falls off.  It happens to all of the great running backs.