49ers likely won’t trade for another receiver

ESPN’s Adam Schefter doesn’t believe the San Francisco 49ers will attempt to make a trade for a receiver like Josh Gordon or Kenny Britt  who are both on the block.

Not that it can’t happen, but San Francisco does have some young wide receivers and the 49ers like to play a smashmouth style of offense. They also have done, by and large, a good job drafting players and probably would have more faith in being able to draft their own wide receiver, train him and pay him at a lower wage. I know skeptics will point to the failed A.J. Jenkins pick, but I don’t see the Niners trading a high pick for one of those receivers. Anquan Boldin has played well, and there still are hopes for Michael Crabtree to return later this season. San Francisco probably believes that will be good enough.

If the 49ers were going to make a move for a receiver,  I think it would have happened already.  They did get rid of A.J. Jenkins in exchange for Jon Baldwin.  But that’s all they’ll likely do.