49ers’ Justin Smith reportedly looking better than ever

AP Photo

According to Dan Arkush of ProFootballWeekly.com, San Francisco 49ers defensive end Justin Smith is looking better than ever this season.

“Memo to all the opposing offensive linemen unlucky enough to be facing the 49ers’ formidable defensive front this coming season: DT Justin Smith, the line’s relentless anchor and undeniable tone setter, is looking nastier than ever this preseason,” wrote Arkush.

“He’s just incredible,” said one close observer of Smith, per Arkush. “(Niners defensive coordinator) Vic Fangio says he thinks Justin can perhaps play another five years with his mobility and explosion. It’s amazing how athletic he still is at his size (6-4, 285 pounds) and how much leverage he still uses.

“He can still absolutely dominate a game.”

Smith was a difference maker last season and wreaked havoc on opposing offenses.  If he can do the same thing this season, the 49ers should be right back in the mix to get to the Super Bowl.