49ers GM expects a lot from Michael Crabtree next season

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke was asked how satisfied he was with the season that Michael Crabtree had.  He indicated that he was satisfied with some of the things he saw and expects big things from him next season.

“Whether he can define himself as a true No. 1 in the national football league or not remains to be seen but certainly happy with the progress that he made,” Baalke said. Still, he said the 49ers definitely were in the market for receivers, whether through the draft or free agency or both.

“Obviously when you have only two guys under contract for next year, it’s an area you have to address,” Baalke said. “Both Teddy (Ginn) and Josh (Morgan) being unrestricted free agents, that leaves us with two guys under contract. It definitely is an area that needs to be addressed. And whether we address it with our own in re-signing or whether we address it with other free agents that are available or whether we do it through the draft or a combination remains to be seen.”

Crabtree has displayed flashes of talent, but for the most part so far, he’s been a bust since coming into the NFL a few season’s ago.  Next season he’ll need to prove that he’s the number one receiver that he was drafted to be.

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