49ers confident Colt McCoy can win games if Colin Kaepernick goes down

colt mccoy

When the San Francisco 49ers traded for quarterback Colt McCoy this offseason they knew they needed a viable back up behind Colin Kaepernick.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the 49ers are very confident in McCoy as their back up and believe he can win some games for him if Kaepernick goes down.

 The 49ers signed McCoy because they feel they could win games with him if Kaepernick, who will be exposed to hits at times this season, couldn’t play. Look for the offense to be Alex Smith-like if McCoy ever takes the helm. He was solid this spring.

I don’t think 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh would have a problem masking McCoy’s flaws the way he did with Alex Smith.


  1. Biily Pete says

    I think McCoy is a solid quarterback and that Cleveland was foolish to have traded him and for not playing him last year. I saw him play in Texas and this kid wants to win and can inspire his team. I am looking forward to preseason games to see him get some snaps.

  2. Tim Voss says

    I too recall watching him back @ Texas….those were tough times for 49er QB’s. I thought to myself ..? How can the Niners get that guy ?? now, just a few years later here he is….. I like it !!!

  3. says

    McCoy does not need a drop back set. He is very mobile. He also handles the read option well. He will be a better back up than Smith by midseason

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