49ers bringing in Pat White for a work out

According to USA TODAY Sports, the San Francisco 49ers will give quarterback Pat White a chance at showing him that he deserves another shot at playing in the NFL after leaving the Dolphins to pursue a baseball career a few years ago.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh ended up calling White.

Harbaugh called the former record-setting University of West Virginia star to set up a workout after White’s relaunch during a private showing for 10 teams on March 14. The 49ers were among 29 of 32 teams in attendance that day and watched White’s hour-long workout after the WVU Pro Day.

“Coach and I had a conversation about me coming in to work out,” White told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday. “We haven’t set up a formal date. I’m just going to make sure I keep working hard for when that day comes.

“I pay attention to how his players react to Coach Harbaugh. They all want to win for him. And he seems to treat them how they want to be treated. I’m excited to get to know him on that level — if I do get that opportunity. I’m very optimistic about making it back to the NFL.”

Harbaugh is looking to bring in White to compete with his other quarterbacks.

“We want competition at every position, and the quarterback position is no sacred cow position,” Harbaugh said. “It won’t be just about Colin. There’s a difference knowing that he’s the starter and who will get those first-team reps. So now we need to put a little heat on him: Let’s go compete with him, make him better.

“That’s the way it works. You use all the avenues that you have, free agency and the draft.”

White may be a viable back up for the 49ers.  He would be a good option for them to go to if Colin Kaepernick goes down.