40 year-old mom is now a Saints cheerleader

ABC News | ABC Sports News
A 40 year-old mother of two named Kriste Lewis is now a New Orleans Saints cheerleader after months of training.  She was determined to live out of her life-long dreams.

“For me, trying out for the Saintsations was something I always wanted to do,” she said. “It was on my bucket list. I grew up on the coast and was a Saints fan all my life. … I went into (the tryout) with the idea that the audition would be a celebration.”

Saintsations Director Lesslee Fitzmorris says Lewis did what she had to in order to make the squad.

“When she needed to blend with the others, she did, and when she needed to stand out, she did,” said Fitzmorris. “For example, the first audition was a dance audition. None of the judges knew her age and judged her strictly on her presentation and dance ability. The second phase of the audition process was the professional interview. It was during this phase that Kriste stood out. In the final selection process, it was a unanimous decision to put her on the team.”