Evan Mathis won’t hold out for a new contract

Even though Eagles offensive lineman Evan Mathis wants a new contract,  he’s made it clear he won’t be holding out.

“I think with those contract questions, you haven’t heard anything from myself, you haven’t heard anything from [agent Drew] Rosenhaus, the Eagles,” Mathis told CSNPhilly.com. “For that type of matter I think it’s best that anything stays in house, just be professional about it.

“If I did ask for a new contract, I’m not going to tell [the media] I want a new contract. How are you going to get me a new contact? Seriously though, for all that type of stuff, the best approach would be to keep it in house.

“I’m here. I’m not holding out. I much prefer reading the articles and the hate tweets and everything from conjecture as opposed to any information that ever came from anybody that knew anything about the situation.”

Mathis just signed a new five-year deal in 2012 and already wants a new contract.  He’s scheduled to make $5 million this season.

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