After win over Redskins Jason Garrett earns Jerry Jones favor, for now.

A win can change a lot, especially if your job is on the line. The Cowboys put together a razor-thin victory over the Redskins this Sunday. One of the more impressive aspects of the victory was the Cowboys defense who in recent weeks have been to opposing offenses as strainers are to water. This week however the defense gave up less than 300 yards and Garrett earned some credit from Jones.

β€œHe really showed me a lot, to be able to keep it together, to be able to keep it focused,” owner Jerry Jones said. β€œI thought he did an outstanding job of getting this team from the obvious, and that is having a tremendous disappointing loss against Green Bay. It was a killer, and it was something that was a real challenge for a coach to get them to come back and play well.”

Jones obviously reserves the right to change his mind at any time but if Garrett manages to make the playoffs it could go a long way for his job security.