Will Hill trashed his NJ rental home on his way out of town

According to PIX11.com,  former Giants safety Will Hill trashed his New Jersey rental home after getting released by the Giants.

“I’m really disgusted with him. This is such a beautiful house,“ Jameelah told me back in February. “My grandparents lived here for so long. We just have so many great memories. And we really just wanted to keep the house in our family. But he destroyed it.”

Jameelah says everything in the house was new before Hill moved in. But she says the former Giants defensive back made a dogs breakfast out of her family’s property. Indoor paintball games on the new hardwood floors. Maggot infestations, holes in the walls, dog feces from his four pit bulls and dirty bathtubs.

“The grand total including loss of income from the months we couldn’t rent it was about $15,000.”

The good news is that Hills financial advisor agreed to pay $2,500 in damage,  even though he caused a lot more damage then that.