Warren Sapp says that Greg Schiano is running the Bucs “mafia style”

Warren Sapp in an NFL.com podcast took shots at Bucs head coach Greg Schiano.

“If I’m down in Tampa, I’m questioning this whole thing because it’s a mafia style,” Sapp said. “I know [Mike] Glennon is not the quarterback that Josh Freeman is. There’s no question about it. The film tells me this. Practice tells me this. Even my quarterback demeanor tells me this. If you wouldn’t let [Freeman] throw the ball at the end of the game, why is Glennon throwing the ball at the end of the game?-JoeBucsFan.com

Sapp went on to question Schiano’s use of Darrelle Revis among other things. Warren Sapp is scheduled to be inducted in to the Bucs ring of honor in a little over a month, but that doesn’t stop Sapp from calling out his former team. Sapp has always been out spoken and has bashed both his former teams (Bucs and Raiders) in the past. In my opinion most of the time Warren Sapp just talks to hear himself talk. There was a reason Greg Schiano was hired in Tampa and I’m sure there were reasons that Freeman was cut that neither we nor Sapp know about.


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    Or, Sapp’s experience as a Hall of Fame level player helps him see what a homer like Seth is missing…Namely that the hiring of Schiano was an overreaction by ownership to the perceived weaknesses of Raheem Morris. Schiano is the quintessential college coach that will never make it in the pros, and he’s made the Bucs noncompetitive for the next several years by chasing off a pro bowl caliber QB for a kid who will need several seasons to become good. On to the next five year rebuilding plan (gahhhh).

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