Vernon Davis believes he’ll be the “best tight end to ever play”

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San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis made an appearance at Coolidge High School in Washington D.C. in order to deliver a speech to the student body.  At the end of his speech he made a bold prediction that got everyone fired up.

“I will be the best tight end to ever play this game. I have a vision,” Davis said, per WUSA-TV.

“It can. It doesn’t matter,” Davis said. “Anything is possible. I say that because … what can happen? If I don’t make it, then I don’t make it. It’s as simple as that. Ain’t nothing nobody can do, ain’t nothing nobody can say. But if I do? Then I spoke it into existence.”

Davis is a phenomenal talent and when his career is over, some people may end up considering him the best tight end ever.


  1. Sid says

    Better than Ozzie Newsome? Kellen Winslow? Gates? Tony Gonzalez? Like the attitude but he’s going to get less touches this year and Gronkowski, Hernandez and Jimmy Graham aren’t bad in today’s game either.

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