Terrell Thomas on Giants 0-6 record:I think some don’t care. Who knows?

Terrell Thomas is certainly not happy with the way the Giants have been playing, but he is implying that not all of his teammates are as bothered.

“I think some are, I think some don’t care. Who knows? I know one thing, this team is going to fight and not going to turn against each other.”

When asked to clarify the “some don’t care” comment, he said:

“Yeah. Everybody is different. Some people can lose a game and go about their day very easily. Others can’t sleep at night. I’m one of those guys. I didn’t get home until 4:30, and didn’t get to sleep until about 6. I was just laying in bed.”-NJ.com

It has to be extremely frustrating for Thomas to see other players not caring if that is really is the case but him calling out teammates will not help the situation even if it is indirect. Thomas needs to take his concerns to the locker and meeting rooms, not the media.