Sean Pamphilon says Drew Brees is a “sacred cow”

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Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon made an appearance on XX 1090 in San Diego with Josh and Charod (via SportsRadioInterviews) to discuss Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the bounty scandal.

Pamphilon believes that Brees knows a lot more about the scandal then people want to believe and that someone should confront him.

“You don’t know if they’re standing by it, because they’re ignoring it,” said Pamphilon.  “Scott briefly addressed it after it came out, but Drew hasn’t owned it at all, and no one’s called him on it. The guy is as Teflon as you can get. And the fact is that when I wanted to release that audio because I felt it was culturally important, as soon as I realized what I had — I had never listened to it — so when I went back and listened to it after the story broke on March 2, I heard it really for the first time … and when I heard it, I was sickened by it. And I lobbied Steve Gleason to release it; he wasn’t having it because he didn’t want to damage his relationship with the Saints.”

Pamphilon explained how former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita got involved and how he’s now turned his back on him as well.

“Scott Fujita became involved because he was in one of the shots, so I sent it to him and I solicited his opinion, which is in that essay, which he has completely backed away from, and disavowed. And instead of owning it, he said that, ‘Well, those were texts that shouldn’t have been released, they were personal.’ But the reason why our stuff was released is because after all this happened, those guys all turned away from me and let me get publicly attacked.”

“Drew Brees knew that this stuff existed and he’s continually said that there’s no evidence that the bounty existed. Then why is he on the phone with me two hours before I released the audio, and he’s saying to me ‘I wanna see your essay before this hits the wire’? He was part of it, but he pretends like he’s not. And it’s amazing to me that this sacred cow is allowed to walk around and acting as if he’s not even involved, saying that there’s no evidence. He’s referencing weapons of mass destruction. Well, if there’s nothing to hide and there’s no evidence, then Drew, why are you calling me two hours before it’s released, trying to quote-unquote shape it?”

I haven’t yet spoke to Pamphilon, but I would love to ask him if he recorded any of his conversations with Fujita, Brees or Gleason.  It would also be nice to know if he saved any of the text messages he exchanged with them, because right now it’s his word against theirs and his will not prevail.

  • Shelly

    Are we still giving this guy face time? I didn’t even read the article because I trust nothing this guy says (Sean, not the author.) Yeah, I wouldn’t touch anything that guy says with a ten foot pole.

  • chris

    It is 14:59 Mr Pamphilon…guess what.

  • MIKE

    he must be doing somethinf right, vilma is gone for the year and the coach is gone and a few others are suspended. so before they say he’s a liar look at the people that are gone this year. also people love sucking up to stars but it doesnt mean they are honest that includeing brees. his butt must hurt from all the lip smacking it gets.