Saints’ Malcolm Jenkins gets embarrassed by a high school player

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New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins hosted a youth football camp in his home state of New Jersey, in order to help 200 kids learn the game of football and have fun at the same time.

Jenkins ended up going one on one against a high school kid named Dajon Foat of Piscataway High School.  They agreed on a wager in which Foat would run three routes against Jenkins and who ever ended up winning the best of three, would get the other one’s cleats off his feet.

Twitter / @Harp41

Saints safety Roman Harper was in attendance and broke down the outcome on Twitter.

On the first play, Jenkins knocked the pass down.  On the second play Foat made a catch in the back of the end zone.  And in the final play Foat caught a pass on a slant pattern.  You can see the final play below.


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