Saints looking to break noise record

Last year the NFL saw trends that changed the game, things like the pistol offense and read-option utilization have made a considerable impact in the way some offenses are called. There are also trends beginning to manifest this season however on the biggest may not be on the field at all, but rather in the stands. The Saints will attempt this Sunday to be the next team in a long line of breaking noise records.

The Saints have announced that the Superdome faithful will be making a run on Sunday night at the record for the loudest roar at an indoor sports stadium. The Saints host the Panthers on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

“We, as an organization, take tremendous pride in the great home field advantage that our fans provide for us each and every home game,” Saints owner Tom Benson said. “This is a unique opportunity to enter the Guinness Book of Records and we’re confident that our fans will help us achieve the goal. It’s a testament to their passion that we’re hosting a representative from Guinness Book of Records and it speaks to the anticipation that they have for how loud our crowd will be. We were part of history last week in Seattle and we are confident that our fans can make history, too.”

The record for the loudest outdoor stadium is 137.6 decibels held by the Seahawks, however the Saints play in closed stadium at the Superdome and will have to crack the Sacramento Kings mark of 126 decibels.