Saints fan starts a website to pay Drew Brees

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A long time New Orleans Saints season ticket holder has started a website called “Fans Step Up,” in order to raise money for quarterback Drew Brees, in an attempt to keep him in New Orleans.

“Drew Brees has been an incredible ambassador for the City of New Orleans. Not only in his accomplishments on the football field, but in his charitable and community endeavors, he has lifted the spirits of New Orleanians when we were most challenged. In the past few months, we fans have been frustrated to know that Drew Brees may not continue his professional endeavors in New Orleans for reasons completely out of our control. But we can do something about it. We can STEP UP and give Drew a BONUS for all that he has done for New Orleans and this region. We can send a clear message to Drew Brees that we appreciate what he has done for us. We can send a clear message to Drew Brees that we want him to stay here. At the same time, we can let other cities in this country know that we are the best fans anywhere and that we take care of our own. We as fans can become empowered with the creation of this BONUS. We need not sit idly by while a New Orleans treasure is taken away from us,” is written on the site.

The fan claims that 100% of the donations will be given to Brees.  As if Brees is struggling to make ends meet.

I find it really funny that a fan believes that they can keep Brees in New Orleans by raising money for him.  That’s not how things work.  Brees wants to see if the Saints value him enough to pay him the money he’s looking for.  He already knows the fans love him.

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