Roy Helu gets free Suave products for a year

Redskins RB Roy Helu Jr recently mentioned a desire to become a spokesman for Suave to compete with Troy Polamalu lock against luscious lock on the battle of best NFL hair. He isn’t going to be a spokesman but he is getting some nice perks for mentioning Suave.

Well, as fate would have it, word has apparently gotten around to Suave, and they have offered Helu a free year’s supply of Suave Men’s products as a token of appreciation.

Check out this tweet:

We like the long ‘do, @royhelujr29! Keep it styling with 1 year of Suave Men product. It’s on us. Thx for the call-out to @dcsportsbog!
3:03 PM – 29 Oct

Nice perk for Helu, and good marketing on the part of Suave.

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