Roddy White says Matt Ryan needs better protection

It is no secret that Matt Ryan got beat up this season but you wouldn’t know it talking to him. The Falcons QB has been the consummate ┬áprofessional he always has been not leaving teammates out to dry all while picking himself off of the ground. Only Joe Flacco and Ryan Tannehill have been sacked more than Ryan. Roddy White on the other hand is letting his opinion be heard.

“Next year, that’s got to be something that we improve: We’ve got to keep our quarterback clean because he’s not going to make it,” White said. “You keep taking hits and hits and you’re not going to make it. We’re going to have to find ways to get him protected, keep him upright so he can do what he do and that’s make throws and win football games.”

The Falcons will be picking 6th overall this year and could use an OT like Texas A&M’s Jake Matthews. It will be very important for Atlanta to protect their franchise QB.

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