Roddy White: “We don’t do one thing really, really well”

Roddy White is one of many Falcons players that is feeling the frustration that a 1-4 start will bring. White feels that if the Falcons want to turn things around, they must find out what kind of team they want to be.

“To tell you the truth, this team doesn’t have an identity right now because we don’t do one thing really, really well,” White said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “That’s why I think we’re struggling. In years past, on defense we got a lot of turnovers. So, we’d turn the turnovers into points. This year we are not getting any turnovers. On the offensive side, we are not moving the ball like we used to. Even when we are moving it, we suck in the red zone right now. You know, it’s terrible when we get down there.”

The Falcons aren’t as bad as their record would indicate, they have been in every game and were only a handful of plays away from having a very respectable record. A loss however is a loss and Falcons need not only to find their identity but also find a way to win those tight games.

  • ryno

    Right now the difference between us being 3-2 vs 1-4 are two very catchable passes in the end zone on the last drive. Stven Jackson in game 1 and #80s drop in week 4

  • http://yardbarkers Samuel

    If you don’t have an identity, what does that say about the coach? Roddy White has hurt the team by being a decoy. His priority should of been to heal not worrying about his iron man stats. On the defensive side of the ball nobody brings the wood except Willie Mo. You got Goodman, Massaquoi, Cliff Matthews and Mponga at defensive end with no sacks. Now Kevin Cone and Drew Davis are suppose to pick–up the slack with hardly any playing time. Steven Jackson’s injury didn’t help a team that wasn’t mentally tough. Moving forward it will be interesting to see, how good this coaching staff is at making adjustments. Especially with an injury riddle team.