Rick Spielman wants to add two draft picks

Last year the Minnesota Vikings and GM Rick Spielman had what everyone considered a great draft not just due to the number of picks but the quality of those picks as well.  Spielman is hoping to add at least two more picks this season.

Spielman said the team’s annual goal is to compile at least 10 draft selections. The Vikings have a pick in every round with an extra third-rounder received from Seattle in a trade for receiver Percy Harvin.

“We have eight right now, and a lot of that [movement] doesn’t happen until you’re on the clock,” Spielman said Saturday during the 19th annual Arctic Blast snowmobile rally to benefit the Vikings Children’s Fund. “Heck, last year they pulled me out of a press conference to go get [Cordarrelle] Patterson because you never know. But I really, really think we’re going to do a lot of movement in the draft.”-StarTribune.com

I’m sure most teams would love to have the opportunity to select ten players but a lot of that will come down to how the board falls and if any teams are looking to move up for a particular player.

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