Richard Sherman says that his issues with Darrelle Revis are media driven

At the start of the season Seahawks CB Richard Sherman said that he was the best corner in the game. It is believed by many that that comment left a bad taste in the mouth of Bucs CB Darrelle Revis. Sherman however says that the situation was exaggerated by the media.

Privately, Sherman says he has talked to Revis about it, and the two have no problems with each other.

“I think one of those things, just like a lot of other things, is a lot of media fabrication more than anything,” Sherman said. “People make it more of a big deal than it really is. Guys have conversations off the field and are good friends. People would be surprised. They think they’re really mortal enemies, and it’s really not like that.”

Sherman went on to say that he feels that every corner probably feels that they are the best. Sherman is right, when you play at a high level in the NFL you should be confident in your abilities. The majority of opinions are however that Sherman is in fact the best .