Revis says he is now 100%

The Buccaneers traded for Darrelle Revis expecting to get one of the most dominant CBs in the league. He didn’t quite live up to the billing  in his first year but in his defense he was recovering from a torn ACL  He now says he is 100% and ready to play like the old Revis.

Although Revis started all 16 games last season, he wasn’t completely healthy after missing most of 2012 with a torn ACL. But Revis says he is completely healthy now, and he thinks he’ll look this year like he did the last time he made it through a season healthy, in 2011.

“I’m 100 percent, man,” Revis told “I feel real great. You know, through the course of the year it got stronger week to week. And I’m just trying to continue to improve and get back to where I used to play great ball.”

Asked if Buccaneers fans can expect him to be better this year, Revis answered, “Yes they can. Yes they can.”

Not everyone is Adrian Peterson, returning better than ever freakishly fast from torn ACLs. Most players like Revis need a couple of years to get back to full form after an injury like that. Tampa’s secondary has the potential to be dominant.

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