Packers LB A.J. Hawk threw up multiple times while flying with the Blue Angels

aj hawkPackers linebacker A.J. Hawk has always wanted to fly with the Blue Angels.

Hawk got his shot on Wednesday and it didn’t go very well since he ended up throwing up multiple times.

Next Impulse Sports has the details.

Hawk had tried to fly with the Blue Angels on two previous occasions but bad weather cancelled one flight while a government sequester prevented another. However, with some persistence and patience Hawk finally got his chance. He even stayed up till three in the morning the night before the flight to memorize some Top Gun lines. He was ready to impress everyone. And then A.J. got into the plane and remembered that he experiences motion sickness.

“I’m a baby anyway. I get carsick, so I knew I was going to get sick up there,” said Hawk, who said he vomited “two-plus” times during the 50-minute flight, including once within the first 15 minutes. “[The pilot] is a nice guy. I didn’t puke on him. I got it in the bag.

He’s actually looking forward to doing it again

“Man, it was amazing. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I felt bad because I was apologizing to him the whole time because I got sick. … It was awesome, man. It was great.”

  • Badger1969

    No worries AJ, I’m sure the pilot has seen worse.