Mike Vick on Riley Cooper “I’m glad to say he’s one of my teammates”

There was much made about comments that Riley Cooper made this summer that were racially charged, and for good reason. There was a lot of talk about if he would lose the respect of his teammates and how it would play out in the locker room. One teammate that has clearly forgiven Cooper is QB Michael Vick.

“When that happened, Riley came to me and thanked me. He doesn’t have to thank me anymore – because mutually we know how much our friendship means,” Vick told USA TODAY Sports Wednesday. “I’m just so proud of him to see him having such a great season.

“I’m glad to say he’s one of my teammates.”

“He’s playing free now and he was playing hesitant back then – he was just trying to figure the whole situation out,” Vick said. “Now he’s back to his old self.”-BlackSportsOnline.com

Mike Vick can certainly empathize with Cooper, both have taken public criticism for some very offensive actions and both have had to admit their errors and try to move on with not only their careers but their lives as well. Both players paid consequences for their actions and neither will be fully forgiven for their actions (nor should they be) but both have taken steps to make the best of very bad situations. Hopefully the adverse situation strengthens both of them as not just football players, but men as well.