Matt Forte threatens to hold out from training camp

Getty Images

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte told WSCR-AM in Chicago that things have gotten a bit personal during his latest round of contract negotiations with the Bears.

“You can’t let it get too personal,” Forte said. “I mean, it’s always personal when you are dealing with the business side of the league because they are talking about you as a person. When you are an athlete and you’ve done everything that you’ve been asked to do and you’ve excelled out there on the field, and then you go out in the media and you see there is stuff written about you how they are devaluing you as a player at your position and saying that you are not as good as what think you are or what the stats say — I mean, the stats can’t lie. If you have good stats and you are playing good, obviously you are a good player. So it gets personal when you are devalued like that.”

Forte made it clear that if he misses training camp he’ll  be ready to go for the regular season because of how well he trains on his own.

“People are concerned about not being at OTAs and things like that. We missed last year during the lockout and I get really good training anyway,” he said.

Forte is reportedly looking for a similar deal to what LeSean McCoy of the Eagles received.  He was recently given a five-year, $45 million deal with $20 million guaranteed.