LeSean McCoy wants the offense on his back

LeSean McCoy probably had flashbacks of the Andy Reid days when he had only 8 carries in last week’s loss against the Vikings. This week he isn’t only looking to get more carries he wants to put “the team on his back”

“This is a big game for us, very big,” McCoy said, via the Philadelphia Daily News. “The Cowboys, they’ll do what they gotta do, but for us, Philadelphia, we’ve got to win this game … I feel like this game, I want to put the offense on my back. I want to roll. I want to get goin’. I think me and the guys up front, we’ve got to set the tone. Once we do that, we can worry about the other teams. Right now, the big guys up front and myself, we need to put this game on our back, and take care of business.”-ProFootballTalk.com

Last week was an anomaly if there ever was one with McCoy is averaging over 19 carries a game. Look for a number of rushes closer to that average this week against the Bears’ anemic rush defense. Don’t be surprised if he gets many more. Just a little fantasy advice; start McCoy against the Bears.