Kluwe’s lawyer says he has proof in the form of texts to back up claims against Priefer

Former Viking’s punter Chris Kluwe claims that his Vikings career was cut short due to his support of same sex marriage. Kluwe says he caught flack from several members of the Viking’s staff specifically special teams coach Mike Priefer. Priefer apparently made homophobic comments at team facility and Kluwe’s lawyer says that he has proof in the form of text messages from kicker Blair Walsh.

The lawyer, Clayton Halunen, told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press that text messages from kicker Blair Walsh confirm that Walsh heard the same comments that Kluwe heard. Walsh has previously said he did not witness any type of homophobic statements or acts on Priefer’s part, and Halunen is now suggesting that Walsh was lying when he said that.

“If Walsh is going to lie, this will all be exposed, I’m confident,” Halunen said. “If Walsh is going to lie, that’s his choice. But at the end of the day, we believe this is going to come out. We have evidence. So he made that choice, I guess.”-ProFootballTalk.com

If this is true it isn’t a good look for the Vikings who will continue to decline allegations that they cut Kluwe for his support of same sex marriage as it would constitute wrongful termination and make them liable for a lawsuit.

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