John Carlson’s season ends due to concussions, career in jeopardy

Vikings TE John Carlson’s most recent concussion landed him on the IR and will end his season, the bigger question concern is whether or not it will end his career. The 29-year-old Notre Dame product has said that he will discuss his NFL future with his family this offseason.

“That’s something that my wife and I will consider,” he said. “After every season it’s an evaluation period because of the nature of our business. Players move around, players get cut, coaches get fired, things happen. So in that sense, every year is an evaluation period and this year will be no different. And the concussion part of it will be in that conversation.”

Carlson said he needs to think not only about his own desire to play football but also about his responsibilities to his family.

“We have two kids and a third one on the way,” he said. “I’m taking steps to mitigate the risks. [But] there are risks to playing football.”

It is good to see Carlson considering his life after football, which is something many pro athletes fail to do. Carlson has played through a second round rookie contract from 2008 and has received at least $6.5 million from a 5 year $25 million contract he signed in 2012.