Jerome Simpson says that an official made some ‘controversial’ comments on Sunday

Vikings WR Jerome Simpson claims that during Sundays win over the Eagles, an official made some unnecessary comments.

“There were some questionable things, what the ref also said to a couple of our players,” Simpson said. “I won’t go into that. It was kind of some stuff, controversial things that he said to a couple of our players. … It wasn’t good what he said. But I’ll leave it at that. I’ll let him live.”

Simpson said the comments weren’t racist, but he wouldn’t specify the nature of

Simpson wouldn’t name the official but did say that it was the same one that called him for taunting earlier in the game after he pat Eagles CB Bradley Fletcher on the butt and was then shoved by Bradley. This isn’t the first claim of improper referee behavior by an official this season.


  1. refs blow obama says

    the vikings will never get a call, just remember the KATRINA’s i mean the AINTS, i mean the saints.

    if any QB took the hits to the head that Farve took that game the offending players would now be kicked out of the league.

    to all you refs GO FUC K yourself. and keep rooting for your PATHETIC GIANTS, Aints, and Colts> who you help every year with horrible pass interference calls to keep them in games they have no chance being in.

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