Jeremy Maclin understands ACL tear could limit contract negotiations

Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin lost his entire 2013 season with a torn ACL. To add insult to injury 2013 was a contract year for Maclin, who understands that a torn ACL above all else puts the value of his next contract in questions.

“I understand it could be a possibility that [the ACL tear] may scare some teams off, or a team may want to do a one-year deal as opposed to a long-term contract,” Maclin said. “That’s the game, that’s the business.”…

 I’m a realist, I understand that’s a possibility. For a team that wants to give me a one-year deal, that’s cool, I’ll just go out there and ball out, do the things I think I can do. Hopefully get that type of deal I’m looking for.”

If Maclin does get that one year deal and his injury recovery goes as planned look for him to earn a lot of money in Chip Kelly’s system.

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