Howie Roseman not looking to overpay on free agent market

Every year we see top-tier free agents break the bank during the first week of free agency and very often we see the very teams that held special press conferences for their star acquisitions in critical cap crisises  cutting those same players. Eagle’s GM Howie Roseman doesn’t want to get caught up in all of that.

“I’d say if there was a player who was kind of in the right age group as a free agent, played an important position who we thought could be around for a long time, we would certainly be open to [a lucrative, long-term deal],” Roseman said, via “But you see there are fewer and fewer of those players available in free agency, so what happens is good players get great player money, pretty good players get really good player money, and then it throws around the whole structure of your

Roseman is taking the exact right approach to free agency, great teams are built through the draft and quality value free agents.