Hall expects “a hell of a game” covering Bryant

Washington Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall has covered a lot of good WRs in his career but he says that he considers Dez Bryant to be one of the best.

“It’s going to be a hell of a football game,” Hall told the Washington Post. “Any time you have a chance to go against somebody that you feel is one of the best, you’re going to try to rise to the occasion. That’s in anything you do. That’s just the competitiveness in all of us. . . . Any time you have a guy like that, who I feel like is a hell of a football player, and he’s obviously one of the best in the game, so you definitely want to bring it.”-NBCSports.com

In last years games against the Redskins, Bryant had a combined 12 catches for 216 yards and 2 TDs. Hall may be in for a long day.

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