Golden Tate promises taunting penalty will not happen again

Golden Tate had one of the highest points in his career with a tremendous game against the Rams on Monday night. His taunting penalty on the way in to the endzone on an 80 yard TD run however, will certainly not go on his highlight real. Tate admitted that he didn’t use the best judgement.

“That was immature of me,” Tate said. “I hurt my team. I’ve got to stay composed, play football, act like I’ve been there before. I’ve got to apologize to our special teams because I put them in an awkward situation. It won’t happen again. I’m going to move forward.”

“Be smart,” Tate said Carroll told him. “I’m a better player than that. If I want to be considered one of the better players, a Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, I’m going to have to act like I’ve been there before. That play right there hurt our team, could have given them momentum. It’s a learning moment for me so I’m going to move forward and not do it again.”

It takes a lot for a player as proud as Tate is to step up and apologize for his actions. In the long run it won’t make a negative impact and Tate will learn from it.

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