Falcons want Steven Jackson to get more carries

Looking at the box score from Atlanta’s 33-10 loss to Seattle on Sunday it’d be tough to tell who the runningback was that was supposed to propel the Falcon’s offense in to the stratosphere this season. Steven Jackson was expected to add a true rushing threat that the team hadn’t had since Michael Turner was in his prime. Jackson had 11 yards on 9 carries and according to Dirk Koetter that is way too few touches.

“My opinion is Steven Jackson is a workhorse running back and we haven’t been able to work him,” Koetter said. “I mean, I think Steven is one of those guys that gets better the more he touches it.

“We’re not running it successfully enough to get him enough carries. If he’s carrying in multiple times, he’s going to need to come out and then that’s going to lead to [Rodgers] and Jason getting more carries, too. But unfortunately, because we’re not doing anything successfully right now and we’re getting behind on the scoreboard, [the running game] sometimes gets away from us.”-ESPN.com

Jackson like many backs performs better once he gets a feel for a defense and I would agree that more touches will increase his average production per touch.

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