Cowboys make it clear that legal action will be taken against Jay Ratliff

Not long after the release of DT Jay Ratliff  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he wouldn’t comment because it was a “legal issue.” Now it appears that Jones green-lighted an article that shed some light on his comments.

“This absolutely should be a legal matter,” Jeff Sullivan of Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine writes in an article posted on the team’s official website. “There is no way Ratliff should be paid for what has taken place in 2013, which was slated to be the first season under his five-year, $40 million extension signed back in 2011. Of course, Ratliff was given the signing bonus two years ago, so he was paid approximately $18 million without having played a single snap under the new deal.”

Given the sensitivity of the issue, it’s hard to imagine that Sullivan wrote those words (and the rest of a column that tees off on Ratliff) without someone higher in the pecking order providing at least a nod of approval. Regardless of whether the issue landed on the desk of anyone named “Jones,” the simple reality is that the attack on Ratliff is coming not from some independent publication, but from a media outlet owned and operated ultimately by

Although Jones didn’t directly comment he definitely appears to be trying to shed some light on  his side of the story. I’d expect some type of action from his agent. This is definitely  a situation to keep an eye on.

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