Clay Matthews will wear a smaller brace on injured thumb

Packers LB Clay Matthews is at the 6 week point in his recovery meaning he will no longer need to wear the large padded club on his surgically repaired thumb.

A week after trying to play with a padded club protecting his right thumb, Matthews showed up at practice wearing a much smaller brace that protected his thumb but appeared to give him the freedom to move his fingers.

“Based on the doctor’s report, he’s able to now, I don’t even know what the term is,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “I think this is a normal path. It starts to decrease each week.”

Matthews suffered a Bennett’s fracture to his right thumb Oct. 6 against the Detroit Lions and sat out four games. After five weeks of healing, the doctors did not feel his thumb was ready for the force it might suffer if he were hit in the hand, so they insisted on a

The brace will offer Matthews much greater flexibility while still offering some protection to his injured thumb.

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