Carl Nicks getting mixed signals about the future of his career

Not long ago G Carl Nicks was considered on of the top players at his position. The Buccaneers signed him to a big deal in 2012 based on his exceptional performance and talent. Unfortunately for the Bucs and Nicks, he has only seen the field for 9 games since signing the deal due to injuries. Now it appears that his injuries could be worse than originally suspected and could very possibly cut his career short.

Nicks missed nine games in 2012 because of a toe injury and has been out for all but two games this season after contracting a MRSA infection during the summer. Nicks returned for those two games, but hasn’t played since signs of the infection showed up again in September. Now he’s set to visit a specialist to find out why his toe doesn’t feel much better than it did last year.

Per Garafolo’s report, MRSA isn’t believed to be the direct reason for the continued toe issues. There’s concern that Nicks has nerve damage, which may have been exacerbated by the infection, and the player has reportedly received mixed messages from doctors about his ability to return to the

It is always sad to see a great players career cut short and we certainly hope that isn’t the case for Nicks.