Bucs “love” Darrelle Revis, unsure of compensation

Within the past 24 – 48 hours, media outlets have reported that the Bucs are in fact willing to give up a first round pick to the Jets for Darrelle Revis. But those reports may have be shot down.

According to Mark Cook of PewterReport.com, the Buccaneers are not certain if they will give up a first round pick.

Today, PewterReport.com has learned that the Buccaneers are still not even sure they are willing to give up a No.1 at all – this season or next. The Buccaneers are absolutely convinced that Revis can be a difference-maker, but the question is, at what cost?

General rule of thumb is you give up what you feel someone is worth and when it comes to Revis, some speculate he is worth giving up the farm. The question is just as Cook asks above, at what costs?

His article also details several factors like Revis’ ACL, the Jets offseason workouts, and so on.

In order to improve your team, you have to be willing to give up what you feel a players value is. Pewter Report’s source told them, “We love Darrelle Revis.” If so, the Bucs may have to give up more than what they want.

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