Bruce Allen: The NFC East is the SEC of the NFL

Redskins GM Bruce Allen seems to think the NFC East is in a league of its own.

“There’s so many changes in the playoff teams each year — I think half of them change each year anyway,” Allen told WTEM-AM recently via DC Sports Bog. “And in our division, you know, we’re in the SEC of the NFL. This is the big leagues. I think when the Giants last won the Super Bowl, they won it with a 9-7 record. So we have to keep competing in our division, and that’s what our focus is.

“If we can hold our ground in the division, we’re going to be OK, because they are elite teams in our division.” August 23rd

There is no division in the NFL that is as dominant as the SEC is. The SEC is by far the best conference in college football and it isn’t even debatable. The NFC East is not/ I would say the closest division to the SEC in the NFL is the NFC West.