Brandon Marshall says he’s never had a good position coach in the NFL

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Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall told the Chicago Tribune that he’s never had a good wide receivers coach in the NFL.

“To be honest (when I arrived in Miami) I was like, ‘You know, I need some coaching. Right now I’m coming off my natural ability,” Marshall said.  “I want a coach who’s played the position or played the game before, who knows and understands the receivers position. So they can take me and my world to a whole other level.’ I haven’t had a good coach as far as that receiving position since I’ve been in the NFL …. As far as technique and someone who understands the game, the last time I had a good receiving coach was DJ McCarthy in college.”

Marshall really loves working with Bears receiver coach Daryl Drake.

“He’s been around the position. Coached it for 30 years now, 20-something years. He’s played the position. … He’s already helped me a ton already,” said Marshall.  “So I respect coaches a lot but I haven’t really had that — a receiving coach.”