Brandon Jacobs on his future: “I’m a Giant”

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs makes it clear that he wants to be a Giant and only a Giant for the rest of his career. If there is a rest of his career.

“I will only play here, no question,” Jacobs said on Monday after cleaning out his locker, perhaps for the final time.. “And if that’s not the case, take it for what it is. Give me a box. Every other Sunday I’ll put my Giants shirt on, my Giant hat, and root for this football team, this organization.

“I’m only playing here,” Jacobs added. “Screw all them other teams. Screw all them other teams. I’m a Giant. I tried (playing elsewhere) already. I’m a Giant. I am a Giant up and down, 0-16, 16-0, 8-8, whatever you want to call it. I’m a Giant. That’s what it is. And this is the organization that I love. “

Jacobs has never been shy about his love for the Giants, especially after returning from his one year in exile in San Francisco. He had a terrible year with the 49ers. He barely played and clashed with the coach. He also suffered a knee injury that he said required surgery, even though the Niners doctors apparently told him it didn’t.

He had that surgery, finally, on Dec. 11, cutting short his Giants comeback and possibly ending his career. It was what he called a rare, cartilage graft surgery on his left knee to repair osteo-arthritis. He said it’s so rare, no NFL player has ever come back from it and only two doctors in the U.S. actually perform

It’s awesome to see a player so passionate about an organization, hopefully he can make a return and play somewhere near the same level that he has in the past

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