Amy Trask explains why the Redskins should change their name

Former Raiders executive Amy Trask wrote an article for Peter King’s MMQB. In her article she touched on her belief that the Redskins should change their names. asked her to elaborate. In part she says

My belief is premised on the following:  we should not consider skin color when interacting with any person or group of people; it is unacceptable to use a derogatory term when referring to any person or any group of people; and the word Redskins has been widely used throughout our history as a derogatory slur….

…I understand the business issues associated with changing a team name and logo.  I understand that there are costs associated with changing a team name and logo.  I understand that many fans will be bothered by a change in the team name and logo. –

Trask is absolutely right. The NFL should not be endorsing a racist team name. Forget about tradition, forget about the money. The NFL and the Redskins have to do what is right


  1. paco martinez says

    You ARE friggin’ kidding me, right?
    We cannot and we will not change anything and everything that ‘somebody’ finds ‘offensive’. I thought we had put this issue to bed weeks ago.
    After Redskin, then what the Braves, the Chiefs. What if a whole neighborhood of Vikings disliked “Raiders” how about that one, Mr & Mrs P.C.
    You educated axxho les just drop dead.
    Go start your own business and let the public pick it to pieces.

  2. Rdsknzfan says

    Perfect! changing The Redskins name is completely ridiculous. Remember the team song is “HAIL To The Redskins”. The name brings no racism just a bunch of stupid people writing about their feelings. DON’T DO IT EVER…

  3. Anonymous says

    Unfortunately, Amy Trask along with Don King have revealed their hatred and prejudice for the redskins.. This has nothing to do with the team name but it gives them the opportunity attack the Washington redskin organization and team owner, Dan Snyder.

  4. OverDaPCEdge says

    Ok for all the offended, what should we rename “Redskin Potatoes”? Does anybody remember where the Washington Redskins originated? Boston!!! So what is the significance of Boston and Redskins? A little thing called The Boston Tea Party. This was a costume party of British citizens (American Colonials) to protest tyranny.

  5. Anonymous says

    Absolutely ridiculous. I have native American blood in my family and I promise you no one is offended. Oh, I should also mention, I am a fan…

  6. Anonymous says

    You know what I’m not even going to read this type af crap anymore and hopefully neither will the Redskins Organization much less consider this BS!

  7. paco martinez says

    If they are attacking Dan Snyder (Jewish) personally, does that mean they are anti-Semitic and racists themselves???

  8. DK says

    I wish these morons would just go away We have big problems in this country and it is not the name of a FOOTBALL team You people that think the name of a sports team is bad you are STUPID and need to get a life

  9. says

    To say someone is white or black is insulting??? What is insulting is to have an idiot trying to tell everyone else they should be insulted if someone calls them white, black, or red. I too have American Indian blood and Black blood and I am not insulted at all with the name Redskins. Hail to the Redskins and to hell with the name critics.

  10. Jim Robinson says

    What a pile a manure. Where were the Liberals 80 to 100 years ago when they named these teams. A time when every little whiner did not get their way, and people were raised to understand that respect and dignity have absolutely nothing to do with a name or nickname that some may call you, and it is only derogatory if you convice someone else to be sympathetic about your cause. Why don’t we just change the Redskins names to the Fighting Atheists?

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